Looking back. Looking forward.

Tekhnologic had an amazing start in 2014. It seems like a good time to reflect before the New Year rolls in.  So, Let’s take a look at the four most popular posts of 2014.

Number 4

The Big Reveal!

The Big Reveal was written in October and was based on a classroom activity I had done in the previous year. It was inspired from various television game shows. The idea was to reveal one part of the picture at a time and to encourage speculation language.

Someone commented on Facebook that they would like more squares. It was a great idea, so I also designed Picture Reveal 2.0 which has 18 squares instead of the original 9.

Picture Reveal 2.0
Click on the image to download Picture Reveal 2.0

Number 3

Make your own class advent calendar!

The Advent Calendar was made at the end of November, to be in time for December 1st. The images were hand-drawn, scanned and colored using an open-source graphics program. Apologies if it seems pixilated if you zoom in very close.

I had made it to be a fun countdown to Christmas, which is why the numbers are in order. However, one comment I received about the calendar is that the numbers should be arranged in a random order. Something I’ll consider if I produce a new calendar for next year.

Number 2

Make your own quiz!

The Quiz was one of the first posts that I wrote when I started this blog back in September. The reaction to the post was amazing. I was really surprised. I had originally intended it to be a tutorial, but then I later decided to put the PowerPoint on the downloads page.

One person got in touch with tekhnologic to tell me that there was a small problem with the file (a side-effect of creating the video tutorial), which was great because I had the opportunity to fix the problem and write about it on the tips and tricks page.

Number 1

Word Banks: Keeping track of vocabulary

November’s post about Word Banks in Excel is without a doubt the top post of 2014. It was downloaded over 2000 times and was the reason tekhnologic was viewed 8,965 times in one day, which to me, is just incredible.

It showed me that people want to manage the words they are teaching or learning. This is something I completely understand. I am hoping to take some language classes (as a student) in 2015, so I went back to the Word Bank and I redesigned it. It now has some conditional formatting to divide words into three categories: learned, learning and not learned. It also breaks down the percentages of words studied and offers a review panel with words that refresh.

It may become a future post in 2015 after I have given it a trial run.

What did I learn from 2014?

I still think of tekhnologic as a new blog, a blog that is still developing. These four posts were successful for different reasons, but I think my New Year’s resolution should be to keep trying to make these posts as practical, useful and relevant as I can. I just hope it is a resolution I can keep.

So, what does 2015 have in store for tekhnologic?

2015 Logo

I have ideas for future posts, but it would be great to get some feedback from the people who read this blog. Although 2014 was a great start for tekhnologic, I want to continue to develop it in 2015. Please take this poll and help shape tekhnologic into what you want for 2015.

Take care and Happy New Year!

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