About tekhnologic


I  am an English language teacher in Japan and I teach with and without the use of technology in the classroom.

I’m a language learner as well, and I try my best to find time to learn Japanese and French, although I am not always successful. Personally, I find reading is the best way to learn as I am absorbing vocabulary in context with a story and can notice grammar patterns.

Why is my blog call tekhnologic?

I wanted to originally name by blog technologic, but like most ideas, someone else had already thought of it first. I tried to think of a better name, but nothing appealed to me. Finally, I decided to change the C to a K because of tekhne, which is part of the origin of the word technology but it originally meant art or skill.

So, the name of my blog isn’t a spelling mistake, but a combination of technology and the English language and its history.

Why did I start tekhnologic?

I started this website because I own plenty of books that offer low-prep activity suggestions, but I haven’t seen much information about effective ways to use Microsoft® Office® in the classroom.

There is plenty of educational technology available and there are countless apps, but I was less interested in the latest app and more interested in balancing simple and easy to use programs with my own teaching style.

So, I thought I would share my experiences of the things I have tried out. Some worked well and some needed more development.

Is it all about technology?

No. As much as I enjoy using technology in the classroom, I am equally as happy with low-prep activities and using nothing but the board, a handout or pen and a blank piece of paper.

I include some of these activities and ideas in the tekhnologic lite series.

I hope that my experiences as a teacher and a learner will continue to help me write this blog and that I will keep learning, trying and sharing.

Check out these posts if you want to learn more about why I started tekhnologic.

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My Story was part of a blog challenge where ELT bloggers shared their personal stories. I chose to write about why I started this blog and the people who were a positive influence in its creation.


Blog-long (Flickr - Xioubin low)

I wrote How Blogging Changed Me after watching the Blogging for Professional Development webinar by Sandy Millin. I started to reflect about why I blog and how blogging has affected me


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10 thoughts on “About tekhnologic

    1. I wish that I had found your blog earlier. Your blog is amazing. Thanks for sharing your materials with everyone. I have spent lots of time preparing for my classes, we know how time-consuming it is to make a ppt game. And now, my students and I can learn and have fun together.
      Best wishes for u!


  1. Hi Tekhnologic, I am really happy I have found your blog. I have been preparing loads of teaching materials for the past couple of years, using mostly MS Word, but sadly I don’t think I have reached the level of Word-savvy. This blog seems like a place offering plenty of tips, examples, and useful solutions. Many posts to catch up on! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Gosia, thanks for your kinds words. When I get the chance I will happily have a look at the resources you have made to see if I can offer any tips or tricks for you and it would be great to check out your ideas. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂


  2. I am an English teacher in China and I’m delighted that I stumbled on your website.
    I love your Powerpoint games and activities! I also have a typhoon, goldmine game and superhero game. However most of these games have a grid with 35 squares with points behind the numbers. I would like to limit these games to 10 squares, so I can quickly review the material and then move onto the new target language.Do you know how I could do this without messing up the gameboard? I’m a bit older and not very tech savvy. I tried to find an paid online service that could do this for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your excellent work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Margaret, it is difficult to provide advice without seeing the templates you are referring to. Please go to the tekhnologic Facebook page and send me a photo, so I can see the design. Regards, T


  3. Hi technologic! It’s a great job what you area making with this blog.
    I’ll like to share you a PPT of a Memory Game that I made for teach about Hazardous waste of employees in my job.


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