The collections page contains templates and downloads organized by theme. All templates and files are free to download and customize. Click on the collection you are interested in and the download and tutorial links will be listed along with a brief description.

Available Collections

  1. 10 PowerPoint Games
  2. 10 More PowerPoint Games
  3. 5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging

10 PowerPoint Games

10 PowerPoint Games NEW - Featured Image

10 PowerPoint Games is a collection of games and activities that were created for tekhnologic.  There are several benefits to using PPT games in the classroom. They model an activity or a game, they are fun to play, they are easy to create or edit, and they don’t require an internet connection.


10 More PowerPoint Games

10 More PowerPoint Games - Featured Image

Here are 10 more PowerPoint Games that tekhnologic has produced over the course of 2017. If you are a regular reader you will be familiar with them all but if this is the first time you have read my blog, you’ll find another 10 games here.


5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging

5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging - Featured Image

5 Activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging was an article written to encourage audience/student participation in a presentation. It includes two activities that use photos, two activities that encourage active recall of information/phrases and one matching activity.


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