Christmas Quiz!

The last week before Christmas is always full of festivities. Continue the fun with a Christmas Quiz.

I originally created this Christmas tree design so I could have a tree in the classroom without the hassle of having to carry one around with me. After using it, I thought it would also make a good menu design, so I developed it into a Christmas quiz template.

Click Christmas Quiz Template to download the PowerPoint or visit the downloads page.

Screenshot of the Christmas Quiz template
Screenshot of the Christmas Quiz template – PowerPoint 2013
How to play

There are nineteen baubles and one star on the Christmas tree. Each one is linked to a different question slide. Click on a number to navigate to that slide whilst the number on the bauble drops to the ground. This lets you keep track of what questions have been asked.

Christmas Quiz Template
A screenshot of a question slide from Christmas Quiz – PowerPoint 2013

Note: Someone recently commented that they were unsure how to return to the main menu. Just click on the question to return to the Christmas tree. Every question is linked back to the menu on slide one. Remember you can also press 1+Enter to go straight to slide 1. For help with navigating in PowerPoint check out the article Navigating PowerPoint in the tips & tricks area of the website.

Adding the questions

The question slides are numbered, but I have left it up to you to add the questions. This way you can tailor the quiz to the needs of your students.

Add 20 questions and you are ready to play!

If you are struggling for ideas, try these resources:

Christmas Trivia Quiz by Tim Robbio Warre

Tim has created a trivia round with questions themed around Christmas.

Merry Christmas! (Wicked Version) by Svetlana Kandybovich

Svetlana has come up with some great ideas for ‘confessions.’ They do need some thinking time though, so try to introduce them to the students before you play the quiz.

This website not only has a lot of resources for Christmas trivia questions, but there are jokes, crafts, videos and music as well.


This website has pages of Christmas themed questions for you to choose from.

 As it is nearly Christmas, here are some presents from tekhnologic.

Download Picture Reveal 2.0 and Recall 2.0

Picture reveal has been updated to have eighteen squares instead of the original nine. Making it more of a challenge to guess the mystery picture.

Recall has been updated to show nine words or phrases instead of the original five.

Tekhnologic is going to take a break for the winter vacation.

In the meantime, I plan to add a few things to the tips and tricks page and work on a few things for the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Take care!

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