Tekhnologic begins.

I use MS Office as a teaching aid in my classes. I am learning a lot at the moment about Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. As I learn and try things out I want to be able to share them as well. This is partly for myself but it is also to help people who want to use a bit more technology in their classes but aren’t sure how to begin. I’ll try to post here the tips and tricks that I learn. Tekhnologic begins. (If you know the Daft Punk song “technologic” and the origin of the word, the name will make sense ;D)


Open PowerPoint (I’m using PowerPoint 2013) and click create blank presentation.

Screenshot A

Click the insert tab, insert a shape or text box (click the button circled in red and select your shape.) Press CTRL and drag the mouse. This automatically creates a copy of the shape.

Screenshot 0

It’s a very quick an easy way to fill a slide with shapes. Perfect if you are creating a quiz to use in class. Just select the group of shapes by making a box with the mouse around them, press CTRL and drag. Four then become eight.

Screenshot 0

Next post I’ll show you how to turn these shapes into a quiz that you can use in your classrooms.

One thought on “Tekhnologic begins.

  1. Dear Tekhnologic, it’s really great to learn from you. You taught me to be me while learning the power point presentations. I am using your templates and applying my own techniques to make it more suitable and adaptable for the learning group that I deal with. Thank you.

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