Tekhnologic begins.

I use MS Office as a teaching aid in my classes. I am learning a lot at the moment about Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. As I learn and try things out I want to be able to share them as well. This is partly for myself but it is also to help people who want to use a bit more technology in their classes but aren’t sure how to begin. I’ll try to post here the tips and tricks that I learn. Tekhnologic begins. (If you know the Daft Punk song “technologic” and the origin of the word, the name will make sense ;D)


Open PowerPoint (I’m using PowerPoint 2013) and click create blank presentation.

Screenshot A

Click the insert tab, insert a shape or text box (click the button circled in red and select your shape.) Press CTRL and drag the mouse. This automatically creates a copy of the shape.

Screenshot 0

It’s a very quick an easy way to fill a slide with shapes. Perfect if you are creating a quiz to use in class. Just select the group of shapes by making a box with the mouse around them, press CTRL and drag. Four then become eight.

Screenshot 0

Next post I’ll show you how to turn these shapes into a quiz that you can use in your classrooms.

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